random things that make me happy (and why they matter)



How I love potatoes!  It's noteworthy to mention that I originally lost my 90 pounds eating potato chips almost every day.  I don't only love potato chips though...any potato, whether baked, broiled, fried, mashed, they all go on my list of favorites.  It may seem silly, but I make room in my life for them because they are worth it for me.  It's about prioritizing, and I can help you prioritize for the silly, yet important things that make you happy! 


The Law

I love the law because it forces me to look at things in a fresh way.  One of my defining moments was the first day of Fundamental Law.  My professor told me in no uncertain terms that he didn't care what I "thought", he only cared that I could back it up with facts.  As a person who is immensely concerned with feelings, this was life changing.  I now seek out the truth instead of constantly arguing with my reality.  This has brought immense peace along with a constant striving to make life work with reality instead of constantly pushing against it.


Thrift Stores

I love thrift stores with all my heart.  I used to "have" to go to them, for financial reasons.  Now I just love the thrill of the chase, and never knowing what is out there.  I am very discriminating with what I bring in to our house, but it never gets old and some of my favorite possessions are what others have discarded.  I think life is a little like that, and we're all just pieces of a larger picture, trying to find where we fit in best.