Hi (waving excitedly) !!


My name is Lynn DeVasto and I am here to help you find your happy and healthy.  If you're like me, you've tried it all when it comes to weight loss and being comfortable with your body.  There's always a brand new solution and they always work, for some people, and for a little while.  Isn't it time to find what works best for you?  To focus in on your brain and use it as your personal blueprint for being happy in your body?  It's not always easy, but it helps to have somebody who has walked that path to act as your guide  I promise, as amazing as the destination is, walking that path is even more beautiful than you can imagine.

Why me?


I get how hard it is to find that sweet spot!  From my highest weight of 214 pounds, I lost 90 pounds, became a personal trainer and was even voted Best Personal Trainer in South Jersey one year!  When my son left the nest, my focus slowly shifted, and I decided to go back to school to get my degree in paralegal studies.  Immersed in school and work, I lost my focus on me and ended up regaining 35 pounds.  In the process of losing that weight a second time, I now walk a saner journey, focusing on how my brain connects to my body more than anything else.  I know the depths of despair, and I know how to rise from the deep muck.  I am here to help you clear your path to happy and healthy.

Our Journeys


It feels like I've tried it all - Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Beachbody,  HCG injections, Phen/Fen, Overeaters Anonymous, Whole 30, Keto...and oh so many diet books!  What ultimately works for me?  I'll share some of my tips and tricks with you, but quite honestly, it really doesn't matter because what worked for me may not work for you - and thank goodness!  I mean, how boring would that be?  If there was only one way, we wouldn't need each other!  I help you discover what works for you and how to make those changes last.  That's when I'll know that I have done my job.